Sunday, 6 October 2013

October!!! How has that happened already?

I didn't think it was possible to be any busier this week. But as usual the children were full of surprises!

The children have been thirsty to learn all about the planets. They already knew two planets; Earth "where Stickney is", and the moon " where the Goonie and the Baboon are stuck ;-)" . When the children found the inflatable planets, they groaned at how long the sun would take to blow up.

With lots of helpful volunteers, we were done in no time! You could hear lots of discussion between the children ... "dont get too near it the sun is on hot hot !"
One little person took our Sun over to the planet 'Earth' . "Look Mrs Beard the sun is travelling around us. The Sun means day .... The Moon means night!". We have some very clever children.

The children decided our space trees, rockets, and astronauts were missing something .... Planets! The children were determined to blow up the balloons all by themselves and could not wait to put the sloppy alien goo onto them so their shredded paper would stick. Thankfully it was a scorching day and the planets soon dried ready to be painted .

Look what we found ! Autumn is here .... and so are lots and lots of leaves falling off the trees..... SORRY ! I mean lots of GOONIE footprints scattered across our outdoor area. The children collected buckets full of the very best Goonie footprints and painted them various shades of 'alien colours' . "Look Mrs Beard the Goonie only has 3 toes I have two more!"

The children made themselves comfortable at the Baboon's breakfast table...but it wasn't a paper they read!


Mrs Beard's class have fallen in love with the Baboon character. The children sat with our homemade book, using the film stills as picture clues to help them retell the story. We definitely have some budding authors. "The Baboon on the Moon is very lonely listen to the sad music he plays!"

This Week the children looked at the Baboon on the Moons routine. Several children were compelled to make a Moonshine pump, using a plate for the dial face and a pipette for the arrow. Look how fabulous our writing is .... we learned all about what 'full' and 'empty' means.

The children spent most of the morning mixing different coloured paint into water ... they chanced upon a 'chemical coloured ' Moon Gas and poured it carefully into their pump.  

I have a feeling their space adventure is not over yet! Is that the Baboon's House I see?!