Friday, 31 January 2014

Shake up your Wake up !

Reception and Year One had a fabulous time at our Lighthouse Keepers Breakfast Birthday Party. We ate a wonderful 3 fruit salad and some lovely tasting yoghurt. All the Pirates...... I mean children agreed it had made a scrumptious Breakfast feast !
First we shared the story ! We love the swashbuckling Mr and Mrs Grinling. 
Afterwards, we made Mrs Hawkins walk the plank whilst Mrs Beard and her fellow Pirates made a perfect Pirate ship. 

Star of the Week 27th -31st January

27th - 31st January 2014
we say congratulations to
Jessica- For working really hard during ReadWriteInc and her reading. What a superstar Jessica !

Welcome to the year of the Horse 2014

Our Learning about the Chinese New Year celebrations culminated in a small Chinese feast with warm Green Tea,
It was yummy !

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Rise and Shine

The Children have created their own invites and Year 2 created a wonderful breakfast shaped poem !

On Thursday Afternoon Reception and Year 1 will be joining up together to celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week. The aim of this session is to help children understand that Breakfast is an important meal that should be eaten every day and include food and drink. It helps our bodies to wake up and work properly so we can think, play and learn. We must have something to eat and drink for breakfast every day.

We have chosen The Lighthouse Keepers Breakfast as a starting point. Within the story Mr Grinling discovers the lighthouse is 200 years old and decides to throw a Birthday Breakfast for the town.

Mr Grinling's theme is Pirates. Mrs Hawkins and I have decided that to get into the Pirate Spirit the children can bring pirate fancy dress to put on in the afternoon. This might be red and white stripes , bandanas or parrots to put on our shoulders “oooh arrrgh me hearties”. After all, Pirates need a hearty breakfast to start the day.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Our QR Tree is finally Finished !

Do you have a Barcode Scanner on your smart phone ?
The Children work their socks off all week at home and at school. So we can celebrate our learning Mrs Beard has created a one stop poster that you can scan and have a sneak peek into a day in our class. Mrs Beard will update the QR code tree so you can scan whilst your waiting for your children to come out to the gate.
What are QR Codes?
Our QR codes take you straight to our fabulous blog .
QR codes can contain all your important information in one small image that can be scanned by most smart phones/tablets. With QR codes we are able to instantly view and save information.
Mrs Beard :-)


Home School Diary Task

What a great start to our collection of photos !

This week’s Home School Diary Task was to find a photo of your child's Christening, Baptism, Naming day or Newborn photo.

The children loved guessing which picture belonged to each of their friends.Although it was alittle easier to guess the boys in the class as we have a small number :-) .


In class we will use the photos to see how we grow and how our families celebrate special occasions.

The photos can of course be emailed to me to print off.

The children have created some beautiful paintings for our Then and Now theme; adding details as minute as eyelashes
Well done reception !


Big Talk -30th January

Big Talk
Here is the new image.
Can you make a list of the things you can see? Or Think of some sentences to describe what is happening.
Where is this place?
What can you see?
Would you like to be there?
What is happening?
What will happen next?
For every comment on the blog I will put a heart peg onto the 'Reception is Kind' board.
Mrs Beard J

Environmental 100 Square Challenge

I made a new friend over the holiday called Mrs Warner, she is a Reception Class teacher and we will be doing some exciting activities together. Their blog is in the side bar. Why not have a look at their learning log entry. The boys and Girls are helping us to gather the all the numbers for our environmental 100 square. 

Look at their wonderful first Learning Log entry ! Amazing !
We will get all 100 in no time !
Mrs Beard J

Compliment Cookie - Look at our Perfect pink writing !

Reception celebrate their brilliant work in our Hallway for all the school to see !

Reception have had lots of compliments on their shiny and colourful dragon .
Team work -do it together !

Celebrating all our hard work !

Reception's learning this week

This week Reception have been thinking about how we can be kind with our whole bodies .All the children have thought really hard about how they can be kind.

Mollie was our first classmate to put her heart peg onto the 'How kind are Reception ?' board. Mollie saw Mrs Skinner had dropped something and rushed over to help her. What a great example Mollie ! By the end of the day all the children and adults had gained their peg !

We have such a wonderful class !

Please see Barn owls wonderful Compliment cookies they wrote  ! We were inspired by the Chinese Fortune Cookies Mrs Beard Brought in :-)

Mrs Beard


Getting ready for Chinese New Year !

Reception haven't stopped this week!
Orla used our golden wax crayons to write Chinese numbers, What a superstar !

We have worked as a team to clean and tidy our room ready for the Chinese New Year.2014 is the year of the Horse. Look how beautifully reception decorated their horses!

We learnt that Chinese People like to give their doors a fresh lick of paint , the children decided our brown door needed brightening up and used 'lucky' colours.... can you guess what they are?

Red and Yellow Noodle play with long, short and childrens chopsticks went down a storm... you could almost hear the concentration . Well done Reception !

Friday, 24 January 2014

Star of the Week 20th -24th January

20th-24th January
we say congratulations to
Tear -For coming into school smiley and settled; superstars need their sleep Tear . Well done !

Saturday, 18 January 2014

The mysterious appearence of the eggs and the debut of Witches fingers !

Reception had the oportunity to meet the Croods this week. Eep was very bored in her dank, dark cave so to cheer her up a group of children independently made a wonderful storytelling fire !
All week we snuggled by the fire at story time; whilst one of our friends chose a book to read.
Another 8 Picture books we can add to our 300 Picture Book Challenge
The Bear Snores on
Caveman Dave (The children almost know this by heart)
Winnie the Witches Magic Wand
Little Rabbit Foo Foo
Brown Bear Brown Bear
Hugless Douglas
Winnie the Witch and the dragon

Friday, 17 January 2014

Big Talk - Pink Pigs are everywhere !!

As we have been doing lots of math based homeschool diary task; I thought It only right we have a maths themed Big Talk.
Here is the new image
Source-Mathematics Shed
Can you guess how many pigs are in the picture .
*How many eyes...
*How many legs...
*Why is there only one big one?
Happy Blogging :-)
Mrs Beard

Term 2- Week 1 and 2 -Star of the Week

6th-10th January
13th- 17th January
                            we say congratulations to
Elliemae and Kai.

Elliemae-For working her socks off to keep the golden rules whilst also helping all her friends too ! Well done Elliemae.
Kai-For working extremely hard on his letter formation , your name is written beautifully . Super Kai !

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Blinging out our Cave !

Evie decided that our cave neeeded a little makeover , the silver milk bottle tops reflected the candle light !
The children raided our material box transforming a medieval castle into a cave for the prehistoric animals.

Cave Baby needed a rest so asked the children to make beautiful marks on his cave.

We used black,blue,red and green to make large and small movements.

Cavemen need animal print Mrs Beard.
To make sure we are strong enough to make our caves we have been strengthing our writing fingers.
The children used the special hole punchers and then used the pipe cleaners to  weave in and out. Some children made purses and handbags ! 

We love Mrs Lingards pipecleaner moustache :-)

Thomas used his imagination to create a pipecleaner bug...
"I've even made enough holes for a trillion legs !" 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Walking through the caves..........What can you see , What can you see !

Cave Baby has come to live in Reception , Look at our cave !

Look closely , our handprints and pictures tell a story. The cavemen couldn't write as beautifully as we can so they chose to draw rhe story instead.

Olivia and Kai wanted to see how old the rocks were.
If you look closely you can see a dinosaur kai !

 Spray painting our handprints just like real cavemen.
Are cave is very dark . Jessica has learnt how to make a magical flame.
Evie used the sparkly and shimery green to make a tail, "I will be a prehistoric animal look at my long green tail! "

We have been enjoying our audio cave books. First we scanned our QR codes that took us directly to our Audio book. We enjoyed Caveman dave , The cave baby as well as Julia Donaldson's Song version of Cave Baby.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Get off the Dance floor 2013......

Happy New Year !
I am so looking forward to 2014 with our wonderful Reception class . I have been busy scavenging rather large cardboard boxes from the very lovely guys at


 Jackson Building Centres in Spilsby.... Can you guess how we might use it ?
 If you look to the right at our 'What are we reading shelfari' you might find some clues .Where will we go on our next adventure !
Perhaps you would like to join us on our picture reading book challenge ?Click on the link below , as a class I am positive we can make the 300 mark  :-)

 Enjoy the rest of your holiday!
Mrs Beard