Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Welcome to Foundation Stage!


I hope that you have had a brilliant summer break and are ready for a busy, fun and thrilling term. I would like to take this opportunity once again to welcome you and your child to our Reception class. Mrs Skinner; Mrs Smith and I are looking forward to working with you closely over the next year
Could you help?

As you may know we are continuing to develop our outdoor area and the provision that we have. During the last academic year we had the digging area and our trip trapping bridge installed which means children can develop their gross and fine motor skills ready to do super writing. Often they are extremely disappointed when it’s tidy up time! This year before winter comes we plan to get the children involved in thinking about what would appear in their dream ‘mud kitchen’
.Over the next week we will be discussing what they cannot live without in their kitchens at home ; what jobs they do and most importantly what Mummy, Daddy, Grandma Grandad etc do.


In the Foundation Stage we are always on the look out for certain items. We are currently looking for resources for our Music and Mud Kitchen area.  These include:

-       Milk crates                                                            -See through containers/jars

-       Old pots; pans; chopping boards and utensils         - Kitchen / role play bits and bobs

-       Out of date packaged items i.e hot chocolate, flavoured tea , stuffing mix  

If you do have any of these that you could kindly donate to our class we would be very grateful.

Here is a sneak peak at the 'Starting Point' in our MudKitchen led by our children's interests. Last night before we left school the children explained they had made homemade chocolate chip icecream but they were missing the cones , Voila ! Wednesday morning came and we had some lovely ice cream toppings waiting for the children.


Would you like chocolate sprinkles with that ?! 

We waited patiently and took turns without any help from Mrs Beard.The Girls worked together to make 'muffins' and 'rice crispy squares'.

Pour it into the tray and off in the oven "It needs to be hot Mrs Beard !"


  1. The mud kitchen is a fabulous idea and the children look like they are having a wonderful time. Well done reception class.

  2. Looks like everyone is having loads of fun. Those ice creams look fantastic, well done reception class.

  3. What fun you are all having. I wonder what will happen to the mud when it rains? I will have a look to see if I have got anything for your super mud kitchen.
    Love the idea of the blog. Well done

  4. Those mud icecreams look tasty

  5. Can we make pancakes next Mrs Beard

  6. Can we wash our pots in bubbles ?

  7. I am going to make cakes and pizza with my mummy. I like sprinkling cheese on the pizza.

  8. Can we make cakes like mummy's in the kitchen next week....strawberry ones they make me happy


  9. can we cut up potatoes and make chips ?

  10. Can we make round mud cookies next?