Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Reception are blogging their socks off !!

Olivia's first blog

I think it is a volcano because it is steaming hot and when it is night time the volcano gets blocked. There is an insect climbing in it. The top of the volcano burns. The blue bit looks like a volcano light. There are stars in the sky and a white bit which leads you to treasure.
This picture looks like a mountain on fire at night time, with a shooting star above it.

I see a burning thing, fire, theres stars, it is getting night time. I think you'll get burned but if you do you get ice cubes and...(going into the kitchen) ....and this! (Bringing me the clingfilm)


  1. Vinnie-

    It's a fire, a bonfire.

    (Are there any stars? ) Yes there is they are big.

    The Fire is on my map, look!

    It is very dark....mountain and water.


    I can see a rocket that has fire in it.The rocket is going to space towards the stars

  2. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" Blog by Thomas.
    Father Christmas was naughty cos he locked the front room door so we couldn't get to our presents, Daddy had to unlock the door to let us in, Father Christmas even put wrapping paper over the glass in the door so we couldn't see our presents. It took ages for Daddy to open the door.