Saturday, 30 November 2013

Phonics fun, pizza pages and Song basket time !

I'm the Witch with my cauldron!
I'm making lots of silly soup, I'm making soup thats silly !
t-t-t-t teapot Mrs Beard .


Mrs Beard my silly soup is going to have p-p-p things in it !
pizza,pig,parrot,peas,pencil .

Come on Fred I'll help you, m-a-t Mat !!!
I read it Mrs Beard I did it ! I did it !

We love using our Fred Table in our outdoor area, to sound and blend . Look how brilliantly we use our clipboards from our mark making trolley.
We are beginning to write during our choosing time ! brilliant stuff !

Introducing Pizza Pages!....
when the children have a spare moment they can take a sound sheet from the fred table and work on their perfect pink letter formations. Once they have finished they put it in our pizza box and when its full ,Mrs Beard will pick one at random and give a prize.
The children have got to be in it, to win it !

The boys busied themselves during golden time on friday afternoon , the pizza box is well on its way to being full up of perfect pink work.
Mrs Beard I'm doing some brilliant pizza pages !

What a very busy week Mrs Beard's reception class have had, but it doesn't stop there.
The children are getting very confident using our Song Basket and often switch the microphone on ; choose props and lead their friends independently !
5 Little speckled frogs....

Evie used the pointer hand to show the boys ,on the bunting, which song was next.
Roll up Kayden...tonight Mrs Beard He'll be Dingle Dangle Scarecrow!

When all the cows were sleeping.........

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