Thursday, 9 January 2014

Blinging out our Cave !

Evie decided that our cave neeeded a little makeover , the silver milk bottle tops reflected the candle light !
The children raided our material box transforming a medieval castle into a cave for the prehistoric animals.

Cave Baby needed a rest so asked the children to make beautiful marks on his cave.

We used black,blue,red and green to make large and small movements.

Cavemen need animal print Mrs Beard.
To make sure we are strong enough to make our caves we have been strengthing our writing fingers.
The children used the special hole punchers and then used the pipe cleaners to  weave in and out. Some children made purses and handbags ! 

We love Mrs Lingards pipecleaner moustache :-)

Thomas used his imagination to create a pipecleaner bug...
"I've even made enough holes for a trillion legs !" 

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  1. WOW, I am a reception class teacher from Yorkshire looking at other blogs to get ideas for mine, and your class blog is inspitational!!!! What a lot of hard work and an amazing insight into your wonderful classroom....well done!!!