Friday, 17 January 2014

Big Talk - Pink Pigs are everywhere !!

As we have been doing lots of math based homeschool diary task; I thought It only right we have a maths themed Big Talk.
Here is the new image
Source-Mathematics Shed
Can you guess how many pigs are in the picture .
*How many eyes...
*How many legs...
*Why is there only one big one?
Happy Blogging :-)
Mrs Beard


  1. I think there are twenty one pigs.
    I think there are sixty one hundred eyes.
    I think there are 6 1 4 legs.
    I think that the big piggy is there mummy, the mummy plays games with the little piggies on the computer. All there tummies are so fat because they eat lots of cakes and their eats are crunched up because there is a loud noise going on. There noses are big so they can smell smoke. The pigs also walk on their legs with no toes. They are standing on ice because it is slippery and pigs like slippery. They are ice skating.

  2. Lexie's big talk answer

    I think there are about 30 pigs in the picture, so there will be 60 eyes and 120 legs.
    The big pig is the mummy pig of all the baby pigs in the picture.

  3. I love your story Olivia ! Ice skating piggies whatever next ?
    Lexie the Mummy pig would be extremely busy with all those babies

    Mrs Beard

  4. Thomas - I think their are 100 pigs, so that makes 200 eyes and 400 legs. I think the big pig is the a Mummy pig and the other pigs are the Daddy pig, Grandpa pig and Grandad pig and the rest of them are baby pigs.

  5. I think there is 20 pigs so there will be 40 eyes and 80 legs and I think the big pig is the mummy pig looking after all the baby pigs