Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Rise and Shine

The Children have created their own invites and Year 2 created a wonderful breakfast shaped poem !

On Thursday Afternoon Reception and Year 1 will be joining up together to celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week. The aim of this session is to help children understand that Breakfast is an important meal that should be eaten every day and include food and drink. It helps our bodies to wake up and work properly so we can think, play and learn. We must have something to eat and drink for breakfast every day.

We have chosen The Lighthouse Keepers Breakfast as a starting point. Within the story Mr Grinling discovers the lighthouse is 200 years old and decides to throw a Birthday Breakfast for the town.

Mr Grinling's theme is Pirates. Mrs Hawkins and I have decided that to get into the Pirate Spirit the children can bring pirate fancy dress to put on in the afternoon. This might be red and white stripes , bandanas or parrots to put on our shoulders “oooh arrrgh me hearties”. After all, Pirates need a hearty breakfast to start the day.

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