Saturday, 25 January 2014

Big Talk -30th January

Big Talk
Here is the new image.
Can you make a list of the things you can see? Or Think of some sentences to describe what is happening.
Where is this place?
What can you see?
Would you like to be there?
What is happening?
What will happen next?
For every comment on the blog I will put a heart peg onto the 'Reception is Kind' board.
Mrs Beard J


  1. Thomas - Thomas thinks that this picture was taken in China, he said that there are lots of lights and lanterns and birds in the picture. There are lots of Chinese food shops and clothes shops. If Thomas was there he would have a Chinese meal, he would eat prawn crackers, noodles and seaweed. He thinks that some fireworks are about to go off to celebrate Chinese New Year, which Thomas said is the year of the Horse.

  2. I think it is china, I can see shops to buy Chinese food, there are lots of lights and lanterns. I can see birds and dragonfly's and there is lots of people. I would like to be there because it looks fun. I think they are celebrating the Chinese new year.

  3. Lots of butterflies and red decorations in the sky. Shops and restaurants with lights on. Everyone is going to have a party. Vinnie likes balloons at parties.

  4. Lexie - I think this photo was taken in a town in China, I can see butterflies lights and people, I would like to go there to see the lights, I think everyone is getting ready to have a party to celebrate the Chinese new year and everyone will have ice-cream cake and sweets.

  5. Jessica - I think it's Chinese. I can see lots of lights and an owl. There are lots of people and they are all going shopping. I'd like to go there because it looks pretty and everyone looks like they are having fun!

  6. This place is in town with loads of lights, butterflies and owls as well. I would like to be there because it's pretty, I like all the lights. I think there will be fireworks going off. The people are going to the shops to buy some apples, yogurts cheese strings and milky bar yogurts. Also some carrots, eggs, rice, more yogurts, fruit and vegetables, and a peach. I think next that the people are going to have a party. They are walking faster to get to the party to do some dancing and eat the party food they have bought at the party. The party is for a girl as she has got a badge on.