Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Walking through the caves..........What can you see , What can you see !

Cave Baby has come to live in Reception , Look at our cave !

Look closely , our handprints and pictures tell a story. The cavemen couldn't write as beautifully as we can so they chose to draw rhe story instead.

Olivia and Kai wanted to see how old the rocks were.
If you look closely you can see a dinosaur kai !

 Spray painting our handprints just like real cavemen.
Are cave is very dark . Jessica has learnt how to make a magical flame.
Evie used the sparkly and shimery green to make a tail, "I will be a prehistoric animal look at my long green tail! "

We have been enjoying our audio cave books. First we scanned our QR codes that took us directly to our Audio book. We enjoyed Caveman dave , The cave baby as well as Julia Donaldson's Song version of Cave Baby.

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