Sunday, 24 November 2013

22nd November 2013- Number Hunt shout out !

Numbers, numbers everywhere !

What a fabulous start to our Environmental 100 square grid project! The Children are really enthusiastic and ask for daily updates on our progress. I have even had reports of parents having to stop the car to take photos of numbers their child has spotted J

Number 5 in the sand ... I wonder if Olivia found five shell on the beach?

The weekend of number hunting started on a very chilly beach ! Olivia found lots of numbers out and about and even had a go at using her camera  independently ! What a superstar.

 Kayden spotted a number 4 when he was using cookie cutters in his playdough.

 Orla and her family were extremely busy over the weekend and even pulled the car over to capture number 30 " This is how fast we can go !"

 Look! Orla even found numbers on lamposts ! great number hunting Reception.
 We have begun to collate our number on our ‘Spotlight’  board. We are so proud of the photos taken/collected by the children. The learning opportunities that have arisen, so far are popular numbers, our largest numbers and even how fast our cars should go.

Using our splat square game reception have highlighted the numbers we have so far; can you help us on our final push to complete our environmental 100 square?

Printers seem never to work when we need them to , so to overcome this problem you can email your photos to with ‘FAO Mrs Beard’ in the subject box. The photos that have been emailed so far have been fantastic ; it also gives me the opportunity to crop and eventually will help with our digital version of the hundred square.
Many Thanks and Happy number hunting!
Mrs Beard J

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