Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Launching -Big Talk in Reception

Big Talk images will be put on the blog on a Thursday(27th November) for the following Friday (6th December). The idea is to talk about what you can see happening in the picture.
Can you think of a sentence or two to describe what you can see?


Big Talk homework is directly linked to our Big Talk Café where reception and some year 5 and 6’s will gather to talk about the thought provoking photograph (over a drink and a snack). We know the positive effect talk homework has on children’s writing, and they are always full of ideas to be written on the blog by their buddy. As we know if children cannot talk in complex sentences with WOW! Words then they will not be able to write it down. We really believe talk is the basis of writing.

All we ask is that on a Thursday afternoon/ evening you sit down with your child and discuss their talk homework and post their ideas on our blog. This will ensure our Big Talk Café is brimming with chat and excellent ideas.

Happy Writing
Mrs Beard :-)


  1. Olivia - I think it is a volcano because it is steaming hot and when it is night time the volcano gets blocked . There is an insect climbing in it. The top of the volcano burns. The blue bit looks like a volcano light. There are stars in the sky and a white bit which leads you to treasure.

  2. David-George Medlock3 December 2013 at 01:25

    I see a burning thing, fire, there's stars, its getting night time. I think you'll get burned but if you do you get ice cubes and...(going into the kitchen) ....and this! (Bringing me the clingfilm)

  3. Fabulous work Olivia and David-George . I cannot wait to read your future blogs.

  4. Orla
    This picture looks like a mountain on fire at night time, with a shooting star above it.

  5. Thomas - it's a fire, I wouldn't want to be there as there is a tornado coming too.