Sunday, 24 November 2013

All Aboard The Polar Express !!

 We need to make it really colourful Mrs Beard not just one colour , Lots of colours !

Where will it take us Thomas ?

Tickets please!!! , I'm the conductor ... before you board I'll clip them... you will find out where we will go in an hour !!

 Brr it isnt half freezing ..... is it the North Pole Conductor Tom Tom ?

 Second leg of the journey Conductor Evie is taking over whilst Tom Tom has a hot chocolate break ! Ticket PLEASE !!!

Look at the iceberg , all that white snow ... no wonder I am really chilly ....Look at the penguins Tear!

I wonder where the polar express will take us Next Conductor Evie and Tom?

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  1. Fantastic! It looks like your class are having a wonderful time.