Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mr Skinny legs

We love learning outdoors !

Even though its November and freezing cold we wrap up warm and explore our outdoor area.The children certainly enjoy finding creepy crawlies and giving them a name whilst making houses for them; ensuring they are comfortable too.

Mrs Beard loves listening to our stories we make up using our imaginations and the nature we chance upon.On friday a group of children found a very interesting creature.

 Our eight legged friend ( yes the children counted all by themselves) was to be called Mr Skinny Legs. The Children busied around him; making sure he was comfortable and had plenty of water to drink. The children collected leaves, twigs and stones to create a natural habitat for him.
Amber decided before dinner it would be a good idea to let him free
 " sometimes we have to say goodbye to friends but I'm sure we will see him again Mrs Beard ! "  

We celebrate these outdoor learning opportunities on our outdoor
' Awe and Wonder board'  

 The children use the camera independently to take photos for it ... we record captions in their own words. As always , g reat work reception ! Heres to another busy and fun filled week .
 Mrs Beard

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