Sunday, 24 November 2013

November - Numbers,numbers everywhere!

Our Collaborative environmental 100 square.
As part of our collaborative partnership with New Leake,Reception and Year One are going on a Numner hunt,they're going to be big ones, we're not scared!
Mrs Crossland,New Leake's reception/Year 1 teacher, Mrs Hawkins our Year 1 Teacher and I are excited to get children and parents involved in creating an environmental 100 square grid. You can find numbers to photograph in your homes,at the supermarket or even the carpark; the opportunities are endless.
Mrs Beard has started the grid off with the numbers 2,10 and 11.... can you find better examples out and about?

Mrs Beard's little boy Lennox turned two in October Half term; family celebrations are a great opportuinity to explore numbers that have a personal meaning to the children . In reception the children love dicussing their number and even like to share how old their Mums and Dads are J

The children helped Mrs Beard to create a We are 4/We are 5 display ! The children often look at our birthday baloons and decide who will be 5 next.
Door numbers are a great way of hunting larger numbers; it also provides opportunities to talk about the pattern of numbers in your street. The children loved reading Hairy Maclary and looking out for each dogs house number... "look at bottomly pots number Mrs Beard! "

The children have discovered that everyones number plate has a number on it; on our number hunt we found Mrs Beard's Black car had an 11 . 

 With all children and parents involved we could have the environmental 100 displayed in our classroom on and on our blog in no time! Most importantly our children will be able to use it in their learnign and play,whilst understanding that maths really is everywhere.
Happy Number Hunting
Mrs Beard  J

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